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     In a world filled with constant change, a consistent sense of fear often prevails.

     Be it fear of failure, of experiencing loss, regret, or of stepping out in a new direction, too many of us have settled for average, ordinary, or acceptable—all code for mediocrity--as the norm in how we lead our lives.

     And doing so comes at a cost.

     You see, allowing mediocrity to influence all facets of our lives is insidious and dangerous. In addition to clouding our thinking and hindering our actions, it stifles forward motion and limits opportunities to innovate, stretch and grow.  In simplest terms, mediocrity paralyzes us in place. Subtly convincing us the status quo is as good as it gets, it persuades us to lead smaller lives than we are capable of living.

     . . . unless we choose differently.

(This post is derived from my forthcoming book, Mediocre Me: How Saying No to the Status Quo Will Propel You from Ordinary to Extraordinary, and is currently available at all major online booksellers and will arrive in bookstores March 12, 2013).

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Mediocre Me: How Saying No to the Status Quo will Propel you from Ordinary to Extraordinary
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