Digging for Gold

     It has been reported that at one time Andrew Carnegie was the wealthiest man in America. He came to America from his native Scotland when he was a small boy, did a variety of odd jobs, and eventually ended up as the largest steel manufacturer in the United States. At one time he had forty-three millionaires working for him. In those days a millionaire was a rare person; conservatively speaking, a million dollars in his day would be equivalent to at least one hundred million dollars today.

     A reporter once asked Carnegie how he had hired forty-three millionaires. Carnegie responded that those men had not been millionaires when they started working for him but had become millionaires as a result.

     The reporter’s next question was, “How did you develop these men to become so valuable to you that you have paid them this much money?” Carnegie replied that men are developed the same way gold is mined. When gold is mined, several tons of dirt must be moved to get an ounce of gold; but one doesn’t go into the mine looking for dirt—one goes in looking for the gold.

     That’s exactly what those committed to leading their lives in a more excellent way choose to do. In other words, they don’t go looking for the flaws, warts, and blemishes in others. Rather, they believe everyone has the potential to sparkle and shine and sometimes, they just need a little help figuring out how.

     Perhaps this simple idea of believing the best and striving to bring out the best in those in our surroundings is the same lesson the great wisdoms books teach. Namely, that we can either choose to build others up, or choose to tear down. But only one of these choices will move you closer to becoming the kind of leader you want to be and others deserve to see. Someone committed to doing what they can, when they can, where they can to help make their part of the world a little better tomorrow than they found it today.

     So the question for you to answer is which one are you? Think about it honestly and regardless if what you may have chosen to do in the past, it’s certainly not too late to decide you want to be someone who adds or multiplies value in the life of others. Even if it means you have to do a little extra digging.

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