Leading in a More Excellent Way

     Have you abandoned taking tangible steps in the direction of your dreams? Have you settled for leading a life far smaller and narrower than you’re capable of living? If you answered no and are currently doing something to stretch your abilities and explore the full extent of your capabilities, congratulations--you are in a small, select group of people who choose to lead their lives in a more excellent way.

     What specifically do I mean by leading your life in a more excellent way?  It’s simple. I’m saying you recognize the quality of your life is determined largely by the quality of your thoughts. Think small, live small. Choose to be average and the one thing that’s virtually guaranteed is that you will achieve your goal every time.

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A Historic Moment

Historic Moment - Superbowl - MediocreMe.com

     There is a very good chance that even if you’re only a casual sports fan you’ve heard the name Vince Lombardi. After all, he’s an iconic figure in the field of professional sports whose insightful words and inspiring example continue to serve as a source of wisdom for leaders everywhere. He’s also the first professional football coach to lead a team to win the equivalent of five world championships, including the first-ever Super Bowl in National Football League history. 

     Now, almost 50 years later, we are afforded a rare opportunity to experience another first in the storied history of professional football. That is, the two opposing teams playing in Super Bowl XLVII (that’s number 47 for the non-roman numeral readers amongst us) are being led by brothers Jim and John Harbaugh. Two exemplary men who now find themselves one win away from being crowned the greatest football team in the world. 

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Responsibility: The Key to Effective Leadership

The Buck Stops Here - MediocreMe.com

   The late, prolific U.S. Air Force General Curtis E. LeMay was fond of saying that if he had to come up with one word to define leadership, it would be "responsibility."

   He could not have been more right.

   The main concept of responsibility is that you are being entrusted by a higher authority to care for something or someone—and along with this trust comes the blessings associated with doing it well or the consequences of doing it poorly.  To embrace responsibility means cultivating and protecting those things you are immediately accountable for in your surroundings. Be it as a parent, pastor, politician, or in any role you may fulfill.     

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Be the First Penguin

First Penguin - MediocreMe.com
Following the herd is a sure way to mediocrity.
Patti Wilson

Not long ago I had the opportunity to don a penguin costume and jump into a pool of icy-cold water, all in the name of supporting a good cause. I, and about three dozen others, braved near-zero temperatures to take turns diving into a frosty pool (really an extra-large refuse dumpster) to help raise money for the Special Olympics.

Although it seemed like a fun idea when I first volunteered, I have to admit I was a little fearful the actual day of the event. Now don’t get me wrong. I very much enjoyed searching for and buying the penguin costume and had a great time driving to the event, flippers on the wheel and oversized orange penguin feet on the pedals. But as I turned into the parking lot and saw the ambulance parked in front of the diving platform, I seriously began questioning what I had signed up for.

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The Simplest Way to Express Gratitude

Gratitude - MediocreMe.com

   I love the story of the young man with the bandaged hand who approached the clerk at the post office. “Sir, could you please address this post card for me?” The clerk, happy to help, agreed to write the message on the card.

   Once complete, the postal clerk asked the young man if there was anything else he could do for him. The young man looked at the card and then said, “Yes.  Would you please add a P.S., Please excuse the handwriting.”

   As this tongue-in-cheek tale illuminates, gratitude is rarely our first response.  For all the benefits of gratefulness, it’s just not a virtue we naturally put into practice. But if you’re serious about leading well, be it in your home, workplace, worship space, or community, gratitude has to become one of your preferred ways of walking in the world.  

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