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See Mediocre Me and the Author, John Michel, in the News:


  • Powerful stuff!  General John Michel captivates and motivates each of us to act on the opportunities we have every day as citizen leaders to do something to build value into our surroundings. Through the inspirational stories of everyday people leading the positive change they want to see, the reader can't help but seek the answer to "what's my story?"  If you're busy, oversubscribed, and finding yourself stalled out in your own status quo, this book is a MUST read. With seemingly minimal maneuver room in my own daily life as a working mother with young children, Mediocre Me is just the wake-up call I needed this season!  It has reoriented my thinking, reenergized my attitude and recalibrated my life by helping me realize how by focusing more on possibilities than limitations, I can help make tomorrow a little better than I found it today in my part of the choice at a time.    
    • Dr. Jean Mahan, Associate Professor at the Eisenhower School, National Defense University


  • I loved this book!  Page after page it informed, inspired, and perhaps most importantly empowered me to go out and make a real, tangible difference in my world.  No doubt reading this book will change your attitude—the real upside is it might just change the entire trajectory of your life.
    • Mark Tidwell, Executive Minister, Oak Hills Church